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Welcome to join us in our Swedish Fridaymix in the Church in San Pedro. We keep the tradition of gathering every Friday. 

Come and be a part of the fellowship and let us know what you think about it!

Fridays is the day of the week when we are gathering in San Pedro where the Swedish church have been for the last 70 years. We have a very flexible program and would like to hear what you are interested in and suggestions on programs to be held at the church on Fridays.

Please keep in mind that changes can be made and will be announced on our weekly updated website and in social media. You are also welcome to check in with the church staff over the phone to hear more about our activities.

We meet over breakfast, lunch and dinners, sing and laugh, have serenity, taize service or bibelstudys together. Volunteers and our staff will bake and make great food, create arts and crafts that are sold at events. You can schedule time for a consultation with our minister or ordained deacon. 


Please be aware that our regular program can come to change and it's best to call us!

Administration +1 (424) 342 4360

Senior minister: Manilla  O. Nordanstig +1 (310) 292 7080

Ordained deacon: Anna Maj Lis   Aasa  +1 (310) 292 7079